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WIIMOTENintendo Wii Remote
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The Wii Remote, or "Wiimote" is a basic game controller from Nintendo's Wii console, and a Wii Nunchuck is another game controller with a three-axis motion sensor that allows a student's arm movements to control character movement, or in this case, sound changes.
Morisse, "A new perspective for Virtual Mirror Therapy: Developing a low-cost-high-convenient environment utilising the Wiimote," in Proceedings of the 2009 Virtual Rehabilitation International Conference, VR 2009, p.
Experimental setup: WIIMOTE interactive device and TeamSpeak software for audio communication was used in the experiments.
Recently, many researchers demonstrate the effectiveness of off-the-shelf devices such as Microsoft Kinect Sensor and PlayStation Eye, wiimote, etc.
You can pair both sides of the Joy-Con and flip them horizontally much like you would a Wiimote. The Pro Controller behaves just like you'd expect.
Add-on straps that slide onto the Joy-Con so users can hold it securely like a WiiMote will also be available.
The sphere is tracked using infrared (IR) markers, an RGB camera, and the IR camera embedded in a Nintendo Wiimote. Chen et al.
Las mas importantes son Wiimote Whiteboard for Java, creada por Uwe Schmidt (Peek, 2012), wiiBoardJ creada por Jan Markowski (Markowski, 2012) y Wiimote Smoothboard hecha por Goh Boon Jin (Schmidt, 2012).
Within the former context different commercial devices are used (e.g., DanceMat, Wiimote, smart phone's accelerometer), while motion tracking approaches are based on specifically developed artificial vision systems, Kinect devices or laser scanning.
The Wiimote and the Ki-nect were a first step, and now the "connected object" is blooming.
Fast forward to recent years, with gizmos like the Wiimote, Playstation Move and Eye and Kinect, a portion of the gaming market received a makeover.