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WIISWindow Internet Information Server
WIISWomen in International Security
WIISWildlife Incident Investigation Scheme (UK)
WIISWang Integrated Imaging System (image based document storage)
WIISWeather Image Information System (meteorological software)
WIISWatson Institute for International Studies (Brown University)
WIISWorkshop on International Investment Statistics (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development)
WIISWestern Insurance Information Services
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The Wii U is a controller with a 6.2 inch screen that can operate games on its own with information included that isn't on the TV.
In this sense it has motion sensing game play for either gameplay on the Wii or the Wii U mini screen.
NEW YORK: Nintendo is dropping the price of its Wii game system by $50 to $150 and cutting the price of several popular games ahead of next year's launch of the successor to the console.
Starting May 15, the newly priced Wii system will come in either black or white with a "Mario Kart Wii" game and a Wii Wheel accessory, replacing the previously included "Wii Sports" and "Wii Sports Resort" games.
Academics believe that older people who use the Wii Fit are less likely to fall and, as a result, will be less depressed, negative and anxious.
Dr Murray Griffin, of Essex University's biological sciences department, will work with patients at Colchester Hospital's falls prevention clinic to see to what extent Wii sessions stop older people from tumbling.
Youth Volunteering manager David White said: "We were really excited when we heard we were able to have the Wii consoles and fitness boards.
The company also sold 3.42 million of its new Wii Fit games and 6.42 million Mario Kart games.
"We believe that Smash both gives the core and current Wii owner another reason to love their Wii, and brings new people into the Wii platform," Cammie Dunaway, vice president of marketing for Nintendo of America, said in an interview.
Dixons also confirmed they had run out of the gadgets, while a spokesman for Play.com said: "We expect the supply of Wiis to be very tight."
The rampant profiteering was a slap in the face for mums and dads who struggled in vain to get Wiis for their kids before Christmas Day.
NINTENDO yesterday made their play to lure more women and family gamers with the launch of their new console, the Wii.