WIJWomen in Journalism (see also IWMF)
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The 'mock' interviews at the training session revealed how many talented women there are around who need just the kind of help WIJ offers.
Weight vector W1 element is wij, the hidden layer threshold vector B1 element is bij, this process is derived, mainly combined with the fitting of the current waveform, and combined with BPNN fitting process, determine the form of expression.
Wij bieden gemoedsrust, maar waar u zal gaan en zoeken naar een plek om het te kopen?
(18.) Jagathambigai V, Wijeratnam RSW, Wij esundera RLC., Control of Fusarium oxysporum wilt diseases of Crossandra infundibuliformis var.
Para isso, o algoritmo baseia-se no metodo do gradiente descendente, o qual, dada uma medida do erro, procura modificar o conjunto de pesos wij da rede, reduzindo o erro na direcao mais ingreme da superficie definida no espaco w (Haykin, 2001).
After the interviews, the Cognitive Maps are transformed into matrices in the form [(Wij).sub.ij] [7].
Where Wij is the seasonal water level for the ith well and jth observation, Wim is the seasonal mean and s is the standard deviation.
Interpreters' objections to the government policy were centralized through the initiative "Wij zijn sprakeloos" [We are speechless] in 2013 by Mikado, an intercultural care organization.