WIJIWestern Idaho Judo Institute (Fruitland, ID)
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But this one, they can take anywhere they go.'), the collaborations with Macy and Wiji, and Dandy Ona's engagement rings.
The sender was Wiji Thukul, an activist, idealistic poet, and head of the PRD (Democratic People's Party) cultural department.
The Kiwis were missing influential forward duo Ruben Wiji and teenage sensation Sunny Bill Williams, while coach Daniel Anderson left Bradford skipper Robbie Paul out of the 17 altogether.
The fifth chapter of the Serat candraning wanita is devoted to auspicious and inauspicious dates for coitus, do's and don'ts during the sexual act, various coital positions, foreplay and the development of the 'seed' (wiji), which here denotes not sperm (called kama or mani in the text) but the first beginnings of life.
I wish to thank Wiji Arulampalam, Lex Borghans, Frank den Butter, Egbert Jongen, Udo Kock, Henry Nieuwenhuijsen, Andre van Stel, Roy Thurik, anonymous referees and the participants of the CAED 1999 and SOLE/EALE 2000 conferences for their useful comments on earlier drafts.
Researchers Wiji Arulampalam, Robin Naylor and Jeremy Smith explored what influences university students to drop out.
That is the findings of Dr Wiji Arulampalam, using data from the British Household Panel Survey (BHPS) conducted over the period 1991-1997.
The authors would like to thank Cynthia Holme and John O'Nion of the Universities Statistical Record at Cheltenham for organising our access to the data and Wiji Arulampalam, David Blackaby, Jonathan Haskel, Paul Gregg, Carmen Li, Gerry Makepeace, Steve Nickell, Ron Oaxaca, Helen Robinson, Peter Sloane, and three referees for their helpful comments and suggestions.
Criticisms of socio-political life have appeared from the late colonial period through Suharto's New Order in books, often republished, by a range of authors including Semaun (1899-1971), Mas Marco Kartodikromo (1890-1932), Wiji Tukul (1963-missing since 1998), W.S Rendra (1935-2009), and Pramoedya Ananta Toer (1925-2006).
It could be wondered if Taufiq Ismail's work really deserves so much attention in terms of 'strategic responses'; why Zawawi Imron, Wiji Tukul, and Wowok Prabowo are passed over in silence; why more attention is not given to the oral aspects of modern Indonesian poetry; and why regional poetry has been largely ignored in favour of the work of poets in Jakarta and Yogyakarta--and those are questions that arise with great urgency and immediacy within the framework of the idea that Indonesian poetry's relevance and quality should primarily be judged in terms of 'strategic responses to the state.' The translations are, as always in Aveling's publications, open for discussion.
Economist Dr Wiji Arulampalam, of the University of Warwick, found men encountered a 'wage penalty' after time out of a job.