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WIKIWhat I Know Is
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Any educator interested in implementing a wiki in the classroom would welcome the advice and instruction offered in this book.
Similar projects, with or without prizes, are Wikipedia Invade El Museo de La Plata (in Argentina), a part of the Wikipedia Loves Art project; Wiki Loves Earth, a photo contest for the Ukraine that generated more than 11,000 photos; and Wiki Loves Pride, a project focusing on expanding and improving lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT)-related content.
A matrix was developed and each Wiki was analysed and rated looking at the use of diagrams, quality of the posting, the structure of overall postings and inclusion of additional material, such as web links, videos (You-Tube) and references.
Those killed in January included: 55 students, 26 minors, 13 policemen, 10 militarymen and 4 women, Wiki Thawra reported.
You don't need to know the right people--you can connect on the wiki.
However, there is limited information on the nature of the interaction between the students and the wiki (Elgort et al.
Step two involved reaching out to publication editors for their feedback and input, with the goal of making these LIS professionals aware of the wiki and their publication's inclusion.
WikiAir is more than just a collection of photos of pretty places; it's a system of agreements to enable Wiki volunteers to take advantage of air travel in order to easily and cheaply take high-resolution photos of interesting and unique sites from the air.
The key to the operation of a wiki is to enable collaboration easily, to access the revision history and often argue about it on pages created for this purpose (Roth, 2007).
Wiki is far from scientific, as you are from knowing what is healthy and what is not.
One of several free assets offered to Anaren customers under its AIR Support for ZigBee solution, Anaren's new wiki is both rich with information and ever expanding, since it allows user contributions typical of such wikis.
An overview is given in class then each student is given an item to research and add the links that they find to the wiki.