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WILCOWill Comply
WILCOWindsor Law Conservatives (Canada)
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Wilco molds almost exclusively glass-filled engineering resins.
So imagine my horror when I pulled up a review of Wilco's latest album on a pop culture website - Buzzfork or Pitchfeed, one of those sites staffed solely by hipster millennials from Brooklyn - and saw two words staring back at me from the screen.
The results of this constant tinkering are striking when comparing Wilco's raucous early live performances ("Casino Queen") to the subtle, expansive arrangements that characterize its later work ("Impossible Germany").
Tweedy, who famously had a run-in with Time Warner and Reprise Records over Wilco's seminal Yankee Hotel Foxtrot album, has no qualms about Spencer's choices.
Wilco's store has a set of stairs as well as an elevator.
WILCO The Whole Love Often described as America's Radiohead, due to their ability to mix challenging, irreverent sounds with simple, beautiful melodies, the five-piece's eighth album reflects this masterful tact perfectly.
WILCO WILCO (THE ALBUM) When they're not getting lost in strange experimentalism, Jeff Tweedy's Wilco are capable of turning out some of the best straightforward, hooky pop rock in America.
To that list now add Bolton troubadour Simon Aldred, who gigs under the name Cherry Ghost, a phrase he plucked from a Wilco song.
First things first, Wilco's main set was spellbinding.
BOB MOULD SAID OF ZEN ARCADE before its recording that "...it's going to be big--bigger than punk rock." And although fellow Midwestern band Wilco's 2002 Yankee Hotel Foxtrot wasn't a hardcore album to be recorded in a one-take session followed by a 40-hour mix marathon, both records share some commonalities: Skeletons of folk-like ballads and pop sing-a-longs treated with sonic dissonance--Husker Du with beautiful fuzz and bath bands with other arts of noise.
Time has done wonders for Sam Jones' documentary on Wilco making its album "Yankee Hotel Foxtrot." The album was deemed the best disc of 2002 by the Village Voice Pazz & Jop panel, the premiere critics poll in the country, and with the Nonesuch label handling its affairs instead of Reprise, Wilco ventured to "hit" status for the imprint while coolly cruising below the major label radar.