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WILDERWorld International Lyme Disease Emergency Rescue
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Beside him stood a very young man, whom I understood to be Wilder, the private secretary.
Wilder or I can give you is, of course, at your disposal."
It was like some strange caricature of the dapper James Wilder whom we had seen the night before.
He drank and swore,--was wilder and more brutal than ever.
This suits everybody except the debtor as it has been a difficult thing to obtain sufficient voluntary labor to work the great isolated farm lands of Mars, stretching as they do like narrow ribbons from pole to pole, through wild stretches peopled by wild animals and wilder men.
They looked out from the mast-head over a wild coast, and wilder sea, but could discover no trace of the two boats and their crews that were missing.
That powerful poetry was twin-brother to a prose, of more varied, but certainly of wilder and more irregular power than the admirable, the typical, prose of Dryden.
For his earlier life had been spent in a wilder country where the gambling was for life and not merely for gold.
Hegan had Celtic imagination and daring, and to such degree that Daylight's cooler head was necessary as a check on his wilder visions.
Then the hope died down as he added, shaking his head, "We've had him two weeks now, and if anything he's wilder than ever at the present moment."
Her large eyes at times grew larger and wilder, and again narrowed in enticement and wickedness.
She sometimes came into the kitchen all wildered like, and looked as if she would fain beg assistance; but I was not going to disobey the master: I never dare disobey him, Mrs.