WILRWyoming Independent Living Rehabilitation (Cheyenne, WY)
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In contrast, the more geochemically mature surface dust samples (WILR, WILW, PN, MLR, GB) all show much lower concentrations in the [PM.sub.pAR] (40-120ppm Zr, <3.5ppm Hf) but higher amounts in the [PM.sub.10] (96-151ppm Zr, 3-4ppm Hf).
Thus, zircons, which when fresh tend to be >10 [micro]m, may eventually become fine enough to enter the [PM.sub.10] size fraction, elevating the [PM.sub.10]/[PM.sub.PAR] ratio in old, polycyclic continental dusts such as those resuspended from WILR and GB.
Thus, Rb, Cs, Sr, and Ba, all released by the weathering of rock-forming minerals (notably feldspar and mica), are strongly concentrated in the [PM.sub.10] of our most geochemically mature samples due to their affinity for clay minerals (WILR, WILW; Table 3).