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WILSWomen in Life Sciences
WILSWisconsin Interlibrary Loan Service
WILSWang Interactive Learning System
WILSWestern Illinois Library System
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I became president of WILS in 1991 because nobody else was willing to assume the leadership role in the small, moribund organization.
At WILS, the formal goal I announced was simply "to further the knowledge and propagation of true lilies.
The success of the WILS weekend tours opened the Garden's eyes to a market it had curiously left untapped.
I learned eight basic lessons during my tenure as WILS president, just as I remembered some of the strategies employed turning around troubled companies.
At WILS, we attract potential members and retain existing ones by using the following friendly tactics (marketing techniques) at all programs and events:
Tour guides are equipped with special WILS brochures.
Membership forms and our special brochures are available at all slide show presentations given at area garden clubs by WILS members.
At WILS, some members want to be committee chairmen or work on committees.
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