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WILTELWilliams Telecommunications Group
WILTELWilliams Telecommunications Corp.
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Dave Lewis, president of ANPI, said they chose WilTel based on the company's demonstrated ability to deliver a unique marriage of network integrity, product breadth, and competitive pricing with extremely responsive and knowledgeable support staff.
The company's sharklike approach to acquiring every company in its line of vision is clearly evident, because shortly after the WilTel deal, industry analysts noticed LDDS salivating at the next target--IDS Communications Group.
WilTel offered an interesting analogy for how its WilPak network will handle congestion.
To accomplish this, one of the many challenges we faced was to negotiate for the surrender of spaces on long-term leases by the above-mentioned WilTel and SmartMoney.
The agreement marks the nation's largest resellers contract, said Gil Broyles, a spokesman for Oklahoma-based WilTel, a unit of WorldCom Inc.
A division of the Tulsa-based Williams Brothers Companies with assets exceeding $4 billion, Wiltel Communications maintains more than 110 offices nationwide with sales exceeding $300 million.