WIMANWireless Metropolitan Area Network
WIMANInternational Workshop on Wireless Mesh and Ad Hoc Networks
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Not quite a loner as a poet, Wiman has belonged to no group even as the New Formalists tried to claim him early on.
In his book, Wiman includes a few translations, according to Lund, of poems written by Russian poet Osip Mandelstam, known especially for the "The Stalin Epigram," which provoked his internment in a gulag prison camp where he eventually died.
Of Oregon's 45,321 acres planted with hazelnuts, about 30,000 acres are producing nuts, Wiman said.
En el debate sueco acerca de la pedagogia social, por ejemplo, se les presta mucha atencion a los asuntos relacionados con la inmigracion, mucha mas que en Finlandia, y la pedagogia social ha sido considerada como un marco teorico relevante para programas de educacion que promueven la integracion social de los inmigrantes (Eriksson, 2010; Wiman & Palmroth, 2010).
Wiman can be irritatingly vague about his personal life (of course, this is a collection of pensees, not a memoir): but he leaves no doubt about the agony he's been through.
Christian Wiman is a Christian who in fact believes, but who also argues with his belief and God himself.
Abundance and destitution are two facets of the one face of God," contends Christian Wiman in his essay "Nimble Believing," "and to be spiritually alive is to recall one when we are standing squarely in the face of the other.
Wiman does not propose these terms as a systematic theologian, but as a poet.
The best modern book on belief is "My Bright Abyss'' by my Yale colleague, Christian Wiman.
With it, Orr places himself among a league of contemporary poets addressing religious belief and wedding its vocabulary, poets as different from each other as Alicia Ostriker, Christian Wiman, Marie Howe, and Jill Alexander Essbaum.