WIMANWireless Metropolitan Area Network
WIMANInternational Workshop on Wireless Mesh and Ad Hoc Networks
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He Held Radical Light is still a work in which the author is sufficiently present that it can be classified as memoirish, but sufficiently concerned with Wiman's encounters with a whole series of interesting individuals not to qualify as simple autobiography.
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Wiman's essay explained the newness and strangeness of faith in a God who is both immanent to his creation but also utterly transcendent in a way that even his presence seems hidden and distant.
Consequently, like many other policy areas, NRM policy, planning, and governance has a typically static basis (Bodin and Wiman, 2007; Pugalis and Keegan, 2017), that can overlook the localised effects that will be variable under climate change (Pritchard, 2005).
Until quite recently, not many people outside the poetry world were fully aware of Wiman's poetry--much to the dismay of those who have followed his poems for decades, even before his first book, The Long Home, was published in 1998.
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Deere's ultra-conservative management had always been leery of foreign ventures, but after World War II, President Charles Wiman proposed a manufacturing facility in Scotland.
Nik Wiman, an orchard crop extension specialist in OSU's horticulture department, said it can take about seven years for hazelnut orchards to start producing positive cash flow, and another five or so years beyond that for farmers to begin recouping their investments by paying off loans for land and equipment.