WIMESWater Industry Mechanical and Electrical Specifications (UK)
WIMESWater Industry Motor Efficiency Standards (UK)
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3-point goals: Wimes 3, Dempsey 2, Portillo 2, Williams 2; Moore 3, Belnavis 2, Mathews.
The focus will be on energy efficiency, Class 0 oil free air, and specialist WIMES and ATEX requirements.
The scope will include but not limited to upgrading and repairing of existing and integrating with existing systems to Scottish Water Spec: 602.3 and compliance with WIMES 8.02 - Chemical dosing equipment for water and waste water.
Above the 90kW figure, in the UK the Water Industry Mechanical and Electrical Specification (WIMES 3.03) has been adopted as the benchmark against which qualifying products under the Government's Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme must comply.
The Generators on this contract are required, as a minimum, to comply with WIMES 3.06 Issue 2, 1.5.2007 - Diesel Powered Generator Sets, Guidance Notes and Data Sheets.
Due to gearboxes breaking down on the sites ten large aerators, all ten were never working at the same time, until Brevini designed a reliable replacement drive system employing WIMES spec EFF1 efficiency motors, inverter drives and high-toque Brevini planetary reduction gears.
The Compressors and Blowers on this contract are required to, as a minimum; comply with WIMES 8.04 Issue 2, December 2006 Air Blowers, Guidance Notes and Data Sheets.