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WIMPWeak in Mountain Phase (US Marine Corps, origin of acronym)
WIMPWindows Media Player
WIMPWeakly Interacting Massive Particles
WIMPWindows Icons Mouse and Pointers
WIMPWeakly Interactive Massive Particles
WIMPWinter Institute of Medical Physics
WIMPWindows Impersonator
WIMPWindows, Icons, Menus, Pointing devices
WIMPWindows Interface Manipulation Program
WIMPWindows, Icons, Mouse, Pull-Down Menu
WIMPWriting in the Major Project
WIMPWhat If Meteors Prevail (gaming)
WIMPWireless Implanted Magnetic-resonance Probe
WIMPWindowed Interface with Mouse Pointer
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Eventually, the rebel investors gave in, and Jay-Z was able to take Aspiro private and gain control of its music streaming service, WiMP. Now it was time for the rapper to relaunch WiMP and to showcase his plans for the company.
There are three types of background origins for WIMP detectors, radioactive (RI) impurities, neutrons associated with cosmic rays, and electric noises.
How might one detect a WIMP? The basic idea is that the chance for a collision between a WIMP and a normal atom is not zero--just extremely low.
LHC experiments might yet create superpartners; dark matter detectors might yet snatch a WIMP from the sky.
Once you've got Wimp lossless, you want better headphones, you want to spread the word--all the while sitting there with a smile on your face.
Aspiro is a streaming company with main focus on music service WiMP and video services delivered to partners.
Streaming music has always been limited to low audio quality and WiMP, which has always stood for high quality music experience with our products, is please to be able to deliver a superior service in an increasingly discerning market of music streaming.
While Mahapatra said Monte Carlo simulations weren't able to rule out statistical fluctuations as the cause of the backgrounds, the team believes said fluctuations would rarely produce a similar energy distribution, which they interpret instead as spin-independent scattering of WIMPs.
Streaming music provider Aspiro Music (STO:ASP) announced on Friday that its Scandinavian music streaming service WiMP now reaches 300,000 paying customers.
Even though the experiment did not detect a WIMP, the progress sets the stage for an ambitious next-generation project called XENON1T, which will use a much larger, one-ton liquid xenon instrument with highly specialized light-detectors developed at UCLA that make it 100 times more sensitive than XENON100, said David Cline, a UCLA professor of physics and founder of UCLA's dark matter group.
Telenor's Danish customers now have access to Aspiro's music streaming service WiMP. The launch means that WiMP is the first music streaming service for PC, Mac and mobile available in Denmark.