WIN-TWarfighter Information Network-Tactical
WIN-TWarfighter Information Network - Terrestrial
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Discussions are underway to correctly scope the entire effort to effectively modernize the critical aspects of future tactical networks as well as integrate stand-alone technologies, like cellular, into the WIN-T system of systems.
Major technologies that will be milestones of achievement for the network in Increment 3 are the arrival of the WIN-T Wide Area Network aerial tier (to complement the terrestrial and satellite tiers) and fully integrated Network Operations.
These tests will demonstrate key performance parameters, critical operational issues and criteria, as well as, the continued maturation of critical WIN-T technologies.
A number of key WIN-T test events will be held in the future.
* 30 Node Engineering Field Test (December 2008)--This event is a continuation of PM WIN-T's "build-a-little, test-a-little" development strategy.
The LUT provides the first opportunity to evaluate the WIN-T Increment 2 system under operational conditions.
The test scenario will include a division complement and two brigade slices, one of which will be a WIN-T Increment 1b brigade.
The test will be designed in such a way that it enables the test team to collect data on WIN-T's ability to support split based operations, reach back, at-the-halt and on-the-move communications, network security, and voice, video, and data traffic.
These test events will be used to provide data in support of a Milestone C decision to allow WIN-T Increment 2 to proceed into the Low Rate Initial Production Phase.
This testing will be conducted at the contractor's facility and will demonstrate that the WIN-T Increment 2 system meets contractually specified requirements.
* PQT-G (March 2010)--Similar to the Developmental Test event conducted in the System Design and Development phase, PQT-G will demonstrate the WIN-T Increment 2 network's ability to perform KPP and enhanced critical technology maturity.