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WINAWap Interim Naming Authority
WINAWireless Industrial Networking Alliance
WINAWAP Interim Naming Authority (mobile networks)
WINAWorld Instant Noodles Association (est. 1997)
WINAWhitetail Institute of North America
WINAWebb Institute of Naval Architecture (Glen Cove, New York)
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Wei, who was elected chairman of WINA at the recent conference, stressed his confidence that global sales of instant noodles would top 100 billion packs during his two-year term of service.
The Malaysian capital is expected to attract hundreds of people from WINA member countries for the summit, which also aims to make participants aware about the fallacies surrounding instant noodles.
which sells wireless sensing systems, "one of the things WINA is trying to develop is a standard way of characterizing and certifying how things will work in a given environment.
Another recently formed group is the ISA-SP100, an ISA standards committee whose aim s to "create standards, recommended practices, and technical reports to define procedures for implementing wireless systems in the automation and control environment at the field level" Like WINA, the ISA-SP100 committee is looking to instill confidence in end users by developing a "way to analytically characterize environments and assess the suitability of different wireless options," says committee chairman Wayne Manges.
Membership in WINA is open to industrial firms, wireless networking suppliers, integrators, standards bodies and related associations.
The brains behind the the association, Christina Sarginson, has conducted extensive research into the requirements of a network such as WINA.
WINA is currently in negotiations with various potential affinity partners and celebrities to assist in the endorsement of the brand.
Five days after Mwaanga quit, the Winas also tendered their resignations and made more allegations of corruption against their government colleagues.