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WINAWap Interim Naming Authority
WINAWireless Industrial Networking Alliance
WINAWAP Interim Naming Authority (mobile networks)
WINAWorld Instant Noodles Association (est. 1997)
WINAWhitetail Institute of North America
WINAWebb Institute of Naval Architecture (Glen Cove, New York)
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He dropped party vice president Guy Scott soon after he was elected in January this year and replaced him with Inonge Wina, who is also national vice president.
Wei made the above remarks at the 8th annual conference of the World Instant Noodles Association (WINA), which Tingyi recently held in Tianjin.
Only one fixture took place in the Youth division and resulted in a first success for bottom placed Ridgewood Rangers who took the spoils over Princes Villa with a 3-1 wina.
Lerak (Sapindus rarak) pericarp extract contains high level of saponin and has been reported to have a defaunating effect in the sheep rumen (Wina et al., 2006).
Announcing the approved tariff increases for 2010/2011, ERB chairman Sikota Wina yesterday said increasing electricity costs for Zesco was not the only solution to the challenges of Zesco s operations.
The website of the World Instant Noodles Association (WINA) says the event, which will end on April 21, includes numerous programs like market report presentation, special lecture, guest lecture, and commercial film festival, reports Xinhua.
Ann Good Wina spoke on the role of youth in the development of society and urged that the todays youth were the next leaders of nation and they should unite on one platform to address the challenges being faced by them.
"Serving a hot meal such as instant noodles makes people feel relieved in stricken areas," said WINA spokesperson Ai Miyamoto, who says Momofuku's fund was an expression of his philosophy.
E XC LU S I V E RACINGPOSTCO M P E T I T I O N WINa 5 racing break to Bovey Castle Racing Post has teamed up with the amazing Bovey Castle hotel and Exeter racecourse to give you the chance to win a fantastic racing break to the William Haldon Gold Cup.
Yudo also is replacing its Bala line of open and valve-gated nozzles with its new WINA system, which reduces heating requirements up to 40%.
To wina place on the committee, Jones must pollmore votes than any of incumbents Neil Houghton (club chairman), Jamie McDowall, Iain Metcalfe, Jeremy Payne and MalcolmWillcox.