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Until May 2008 WINAD did not have a core staff or office.
In 1999 WINAD launched the Inter-Generational Women's Leadership Programme, an innovative mutual-learning program that paired female students (aged 14-18 years) recruited by secondary schools in the capital city Port of Spain with older women selected by WINAD.
The program also offers workshops facilitated by WINAD members and associates on such issues as globalization, self awareness, HIV/AIDS, sexual and reproductive health, violence, finance, human rights, and political participation.
WINAD is at the forefront of regional efforts to end small arms proliferation and misuse.
With gun violence in Trinidad and Tobago increasing, in 2001 WINAD began to look at this issue.
WINAD has worked on community, national, regional, and international fronts to research gun violence, raise awareness, campaign for better gun laws, and push for stronger regulation of the global arms trade.
WINAD was among the first to join the International Action Network on Small Arms (IANSA), a global movement of some 800 civil society organizations in 120 countries to stop the proliferation and misuse of small arms.
WINAD is a key partner in Project Ploughshares' Caribbean work.