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WINAMPWindows Audio MPEG Player
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The company said that Spotiamp is a small tribute to honour the great legacy of Winamp and allows users to play their favourite music within the comfort of their favourite jukebox app.
Nevertheless, if you do want to step away from Winamp and look at other desktop music players with an official support lifeline, then here are five of the best that may help you forget about how awesome Winamp was.
NYSE: AOL) has released Winamp Album Washer, powered by Gracenote, a new feature in Winamp for Android that allows users to clean-up and organise audio files creating a more seamless user experience for passionate music fans.
Global media company AOL Inc (NYSE:AOL) said today that it has introduced Winamp for Android 1.
The site also includes AOL Foto, with unlimited image storage and sharing via blogs, instant messaging and e-mail; AOL Video; content channels, the Winamp media player with streaming content; and web search powered by Google.
Ahora bien, cierto que el Winamp fue adquirido hace tiempo por una de estas "megacorporaciones" de las que quieren controlarlo todo, pero lo importante es que sigue ofreciendo una de las opciones que lo han hecho mi eleccion personal y es la posibilidad de sintonizar un sinfin de estaciones de radio por Internet, que son totalmente gratuitas.
To play an MP3 on your computer, you'll need to download (save from the Web onto your computer) an MP3 player such as Winamp (for Windows) or Macast (for a Macintosh).
ICQ, Spinner and Winamp are strong communities in the online arena," explained EMusic.
According to the Verge, the rumors of the potential deal came just a day after Winamp announced that it would be shutting down within a month.
However, since Winamp is primarily an offline software, you can continue to use it, just make sure you download and keep a copy of the installer safely backed up and tucked away, although I'm sure there will be a million sites out there from which you could continue to download the installer, even if the official source shuts down.
The service works with Microsoft Windows Media Player (version 10 and higher) and Winamp (version 5.