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WINCWitches In Nature's Colors (from the movie 'A Mighty Wind')
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WINCWorlds in Collision (book by Immanuel Velikovksy)
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"Ah!" Brydon winced - whether for his proved identity or for his lost fingers.
It was the same with that poor old Brer Uriens; he was always on the ragged edge of apprehension; she could not even turn toward him but he winced.
Brooke again winced inwardly, for Dorothea's engagement had no sooner been decided, than he had thought of Mrs.
Cadwallader's merits from a different point of view, winced a little when her name was announced in the library, where he was sitting alone.
Wilson winced under this nagging and not very courteous chaff, and the twins suffered with him and for him.
By the time I was your age, Tom, I had chosen a profession, and was soon competent to enter upon it." Tom winced. "I never got a chance to try my hand at it, and I may never get a chance; and yet if I ever do get it, I shall be found ready, for I have kept up my law studies all these years."
But I saw him first in the National Gallery, when he winced because my father mispronounced the names of great painters.
I made another feint at him, expecting that it would bring him at my throat; but in-stead he winced and crouched down.
I winced at my mistake, which I attenuated as I could, and opened my letter again to repeat it to her; then, faltering in the act and folding it up once more, I put it back in my pocket.
Prince Andrew winced and, clutching his head, went out and sat down on a sofa in the next room.
AS De Vac drew his sword from the heart of the Lady Maud he winced, for, merciless though he was, he had shrunk from this cruel task.
Philip colored; he had meant to imply, would she love him as well in spite of his deformity, and yet when she alluded to it so plainly, he winced under her pity.