WINETJournal of Wireless Networks (ACM)
WINETWinners Information Network (Harrah's)
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He also hoped the character and flavour of the region - its places and its people - would shine out of the EXPERIMENTAL READ US author Jon Winet who is launching a Twitter novel this week at Newcastle University fragmented narrative.
Interview with Miriam Menkiti of Women Information Network (WINET, Nigeria).
Wetmore, Jr., Elizabeth Wichmann-Walczak, Evan Winet, Ralph Yarrow, Phillip Zarrilli, Nan Zhang, and Guohe Zheng.
Achieving robust successes with broad-brush primary prevention strategies remains a challenge for prevention programmers (Wechsler, Lee, Kuo, Seibring, Nelson and Lee, 2002), but programs that target at-risk groups with coping skills strategies have demonstrated modest success with adolescents and young adults dealing with a range of health risk behaviors including substance abuse, risky sexual behaviors, and smoking (Botvin, Griffin, Diaz, and I fill-Williams, 2001; Sikkema, Winet and Lombard, 1995; Marlatt et al., 1998).
Development on application profiles for UPnP/IP, the WiMedia convergence architecture (WiMCA) and the WiMedia network protocol adaptation (WiNet) layer are continuing.
Wolfe, Raul Esparza, Boy George, Euan Morton, Rosie O'Donnell, Kristin Chenoweth, Idina Menzel, Joe Mantello, Joe Dulude, Stephen Oremus, Marc Platt, Stephen Schwartz, David Stone, Ben Brantley, Charles Isherwood, John Lahr, Patrick Pacheco, Michael Riedel, Jacques le Sourd, Linda Winet:
With the implementation of a system called WINet (Winner's Information Network), Harrah's was able to develop a national loyalty program and share customer information across the entire organization.
Therefore, it is probable that the hydrodynamic coupling secondarily functions to drift the swimming direction upwards, as argued in previous researches (Winet and Jahn, 1974; Nowakowska and Grebecki, 1977).
Maas III is a partner at Chapin, Fleming & Winet, San Diego.
Margaret Crane/Jon Winet's installation The First Day of the Rest of Our Lives, 1992--a coolly damning, nonpartisan inquiry into the nature of political subjectivity--presented a sobering caveat to election-night euphoria.
The RTU7105 supports the most recent version of the WiMedia LLC Protocol (formerly known as WiNet), a protocol that enables IP-over-UWB, offering a flexible, peer-to-peer, high-throughput mode.