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Caption: Most .22 WinMag rounds are meant for varmint hunting and feature expanding bullets.
( WinMag claims to have received images of the mouse and keyboard sporting a redesigned Windows logo.
The McMillan Tac-338 is built around the A-5 glass-fibre stock, the same used in the Tac-300 version in.300 Winmag. The butt length varies between 318 and 356 mm depending on the number of butt lengtheners used to adapt the rifle to the shooters body.
For the .454 Casull guns extra cylinders are available not only in .45 Colt, but .45 ACP and .45 WinMag as well.
And it seems like it would be a great small game cartridge, providing roughly the same numbers as the .22 WinMag.
Only Glock offers the once highly heralded 10mm, Wildey still offers the .44 AutoMag and .45 WinMag, while the .50AE is still found in the Desert Eagle.
AMT catalogs a complete line of semi-auto handguns including the AutoMag II (.22 WinMag), the AutoMag III (.30 Carbine, and 9mm WinMag) the AutoMag IV (10mm Magnum and .45 Win Mag) the Javelina (10mm), and the Hardballer and Hardballer Long Slide (.45 ACP).
Moore first introduced his Wildey Magnum autoloading pistol in the 1970s with that first example chambered in the then relatively new .45 Winchester Magnum, or as it is most commonly referred to, the .45 WinMag. Wildey then designed a new cartridge for his Wildey Magnum, the .475WM (Wildey Magnum).
Now Wildey is back and not only offering the Wildey Survivor chambered in .45 WinMag, .44 AutoMag, .475 Wildey Magnum, and .45 Wildey Magnum, they are also working on marketing the JAWS Viper.