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WINSWindows Internet Naming Service (Microsoft)
WINSWorkers Independent News Service
WINSWindows Name Server
WINSWeather Information Network Server
WINSWindows Internet Naming Service
WINSWorld Institute for Nuclear Security
WINSWeb Invoicing System
WINSWireless Integrated Network Sensors
WINSWireless In-House Network Studies
WINSWWMCCS Information Network Subsystem
WINSWeapons and Integrated Navigation System
WINSWWMCCS Intercomputer Network Subsystem
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Of course, during the season, some madman or another may make his appearance--generally an Englishman, or an Asiatic, or a Turk--and (as had happened during the summer of which I write) win or lose a great deal; but, as regards the rest of the crowd, it plays only for petty gulden, and seldom does much wealth figure on the board.
He that can win the axe in war from the hand of him who holds it, shall be our chief.
(2) He will win who knows how to handle both superior and inferior forces.
'Of course, nothing will stop him trying to win. I wish we could think of something.
Anne, Frank Stockley says that Professor Tremaine said Gilbert Blythe was sure to get the medal and that Emily Clay would likely win the Avery scholarship."
These dispositions and orders only seem worse than previous ones because the battle of Borodino was the first Napoleon did not win. The profoundest and most excellent dispositions and orders seem very bad, and every learned militarist criticizes them with looks oks importance, when they relate to a battle that has been lost, and the very worst dispositions and orders seem very good, and serious people fill whole volumes to demonstrate their merits, when they relate to a battle that has been won.
"To think of the part one little woman can play in the life of a man, so that to renounce her may be a very good imitation of heroism, and to win her may be a discipline!"
Then, if it didn't win the prize, you'd never know and you wouldn't feel badly over it, because the stories that failed were not to be returned, and if it did you'd have such a delightful surprise."
His object was, however, to be victorious, and not to win money.
And each of these knew the part that he was to play, win or lose, as did each of the other Black players.
Therefore, he who considers it necessary to secure himself in his new principality, to win friends, to overcome either by force or fraud, to make himself beloved and feared by the people, to be followed and revered by the soldiers, to exterminate those who have power or reason to hurt him, to change the old order of things for new, to be severe and gracious, magnanimous and liberal, to destroy a disloyal soldiery and to create new, to maintain friendship with kings and princes in such a way that they must help him with zeal and offend with caution, cannot find a more lively example than the actions of this man.
He was finally to triumph wherever pre-eminent talents win admirers.