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WINSOCKWindows Sockets
WINSOCKWindows Socket
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(In case you're wondering, the name Tucows is an acronym for The Ultimate Collection of Winsock Software.) The company also now offers outsourced domain name registrations through its network of more than 5,000 resellers in more than 100 countries.
It collects current data on installed sol, are and hardware from each network workstation, including, but not limited to, the operating system, processor data, memory information, WinSock information (TCP/IP addresses, host names), hard disks and other storage devices, printers, video subsystems, installed devices, and software packages.
Microsoft Windows 2000 Datacenter Server allows applications to automatically leverage VI networks using its Winsock Direct interface.
Network Instruments has announced the release of NIPrint 4.0, its bidirectional LPD/LPR printing utility for Winsock TCP/IP.
Hall is the co-inventor of WinSock. will be part of the Penton division managed by Executive VP/Group President David Nussbaum.
The DSB-650TX relies upon the standard Winsock API protocol stack under the Windows95 and Windows98 operating systems.
Founder Peter Tattam, launched the five-year-old company on the back of his Winsock program - a TCP/IP stack program that brought dial-up networking capabilities to Windows 3.1.
With the flexible Mobile Server, enterprise off-the-shelf applications that use open database connectivity (ODBC), mail application interface (MAPI), and Winsock can be seamlessly enabled.
The D-Link DMF-560TX 10/100Mb combo PC Card and Modem provides easy installation and configuration for Windows 95, Windows 98 and adapts to a wide variety of Network Operating Systems including NetWare 3.x, 4.x, 5.x, ODI driver; NetWare Lite, Personal; Windows NT workstation, server; Windows for Workgroups; Windows 95; Windows 98; LAN Manager 2.x; IBM LAN Server; IBM PC LAN Support Program; FTP PC/TCP; SCO TCP/IP for Unix 1.2x; AT&T Unix; Sun PC-NFS; WIN/TCP Pathway Access; Banyan VINES; DEC Pathworks 4.0, 5.x, 6.x; Artisoft LANtastic; D-Link TCP/IP for DOS; NDIS 2.0, 3.1; Packet driver for Winsock.
This book will teach you everything from the Internet to writing custom winsock client/server applications of which you should not be afraid of trying as you will no doubt feel that whatever is in the book you will be able to conquer with great ease and manageability.
One of the best sources for Internet software is TUCOWS (The Ultimate Collection of Winsock Software).
NetManage helped drive the emergence of open networks through its TCP/IP applications and its significant contributions to important industry standards including both WinSock and NS/Router.