WINTSECWireless Interoperability for Security
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During this conference Rohde & Schwarz presented information on the significance of SCA in an SDR environment, citing currently existing SDR specifications as the JTRS programme, the SDR Forum's adopted SCA 2.2.2 (the SDR Forum is currently the only organisational body with a global scope), the European Commission's Wintsec (Wireless Interoperability for Security) and Euler projects and the EDA's (European Defence Agency) initial focus on SDR projects in 2006.
Between 30 March and 1 April 2009 the EDA held an SDR conference at its Brussels headquarters to present the final results of the Scored and Wintsec projects and to present new (and newer) SDR projects such as Secricom, Etare, Wolf and Essor.
It ties in with an EDA study on the specific military purposes of SDR and a Commission project, called WINTSEC, into wireless interoperability for civil security purposes.