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WINWORDWindows Word (Microsoft Word in Windows 95-98)
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Since he perceives having to work with a PDF file to be an aggravating factor, the client asked the research and development project sponsor to provide a WinWord file containing the final version of the source text.
Editor's note: In the unlikely event you get an error message, that shows that the winword.exe file isn't where it usually is (as shown in the above command).
Here at the Ministry of Finance, we have standardized on Winword and Excel.
A WINWORD.EXE is better known as Microsoft Word, and the 'W' you're seeing indicates that these documents were created with Microsoft Word.
All of the 486 machines are in place and most of the Center's economists are using Word 6.0 (Winword), although a few die-hards are sticking with DOS and WordPerfect 5.1.
PELAW GRANGE 7.30 (435m): Bransa Bird, Ards Apache, Coverdale Becki, Husky Rio, Winword Express (M), Carryonsparta (W).
Not long after I began using Windows 3.0 regularly, I acquired Microsoft Word for Windows (I'll call it WinWord from now on).
GREYHOUNDS PELAW GRANGE 7.30 (435m): Husky Rio, Kians Lass, Winword Express (M), Briar Lane Bell (W), Kid Carson (W), Glengiblin Miday (W).
19.50 (435m): Bransa Bird, Coverdale Becki, Winword Express (M), Honeygar Lark (W), Carryonsparta (W), Hilltop Flyer (W).
19.50 (435m): Crooks Saffron, Shipton's Secret, Two Faced (M), Winword Express (M), Tagalong Serena (W).
PELAW GRANGE 19.30 (435m): Escaping Doubt, Winword Express (M), Briar Lane Bell (M), Kid Carson (W), Bruis Chateau (W).
GREYHOUNDS PELAW GRANGE 19.30 (435m): Bramble Diva, Winword Express (M), Carryonarchie (W), Hilltop Flyer (W), Dunbar Kate (W).