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The strain was not helped by Ivy's perception of being treated like a case number and not a human being in her interactions with WINZ staff.
American Lion the producer of Winz in Malaysia has named PT.
(107.) The Krasnodar trial records mention his name ("Winz").--The People's Verdict: A Full Report of the Proceedings at the Krasnodar and Kharkov German Atrocity Trials (New York: Hutchinson & Cov 1944), 8.
[11.] Winz R, Hess D, Aebersold R and R Brownsey Unique structural features and differential phosphorylation of the 280-kDa component (isozyme) of rat liver acetyl-CoA carboxylase.
If we use Ryan and Deci's (2000) theory that intrinsically motivated participants are more likely to succeed than externally motivated participants, then participants who are forced by an external agent (for example, their parent, WINZ case managers or the justice system) to attend would be less likely to succeed than someone entering the course under their own volition.
(3) This was followed by a series of reforms that in 1998 included the formation of Work and Income New Zealand (WINZ), which is the umbrella for all social services, including child-care subsidies, DPB, student loans, living allowances, and emergency services.
Work and Income New Zealand (WINZ) is responsible for the administration of pensions and superannuation in New Zealand.
(6) Benefit Receipt, which is a discrete variable measuring whether an individual received income from IRD or WINZ for any social benefit besides superannuation or student allowances in the previous fortnight.
(56) Or to the establishment of two German-Jewish journals (Leo Winz and Davis Trietsch's Ost und West, and Martin Buber's Cultural Zionist journal Der Jude), which published Yiddish literature in German translation and sought to awaken in German Jews a sense of solidarity with Eastern European Jewry.
They are also working on a Timmins-Kidd D project that consists of the sinking of a winz from the mine's 1,433-metre depth, and Goldcorp Inc.'s new 2,195-metre shaft in Red Lake.
Winz (1964) wrote of the documentation problems anticipated for a manned orbiting space station, a key problem identified was the weight of the planned library.