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WIODWonderful Isle of Dreams (radio station; Miami, FL)
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Table 7: Country sample World a + b + c 40 EU a = a1 + a2 27 CEEC al 10 Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia Other EU a2 17 Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Finland, France, United Kingdom, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden EMEs b 9 Brazil, China, Indonesia, India, South Korea, Mexico, Russia, Taiwan, Turkey Advanced c 4 Australia, Canada, Japan, USA Source: WIOD, UNCTAD Table 8: Summary statistics Variable Obs Mean Std.
Employment shares are calculated using data from the Business Register and Employment Survey (BRES) mapped from 2007 SIC 5-digit level to SIC 2003 and then aggregated to the 31 WIOD industries.
The conversion of the 35 sectors of WIOD to the 9 industries of FTSE is displayed in Table A1 in the Appendix.
2013): "The Construction of World Input-Output Tables in the WIOD Project", Economic Systems Research, 25, 71-98.
29 dolares que se estiman con la informacion de la WIOD (vease cuadro 3).
Cap lamps with tracking tags, WIOD devices and Wi-Fi technology work in concert to enhance management decision making information systems and to drive efficiency into leading organizations.
0 Note and source: Own calculation based on equations (5) and (6) using data from WIOD, November 2013 release.
Source: Own calculations based on WIOD Table A2: Average Total factor and Labor productivity growth rates by sectors of activity in the EU country groupings (in %) Averages over 1996-2009 (3) Core TFP Labor Deflator productivity 3.
En el segundo semestre del ano 2012 y, dentro de un proyecto financiado por la Comision Europea como parte del 7 o Programa Marco, se publico la base de datos llamada WIOD (World Input-Output Database), dentro de la cual se puede acceder a una serie armonizada de matrices de flujos Inter-industriales para el conjunto de 27 paises europeos y otros 13 paises del resto del mundo en el periodo 1995-2009.
using WIOD 2016 edition data see Constantinecu et al, 2017 or Timmer et al.
It should be mentioned that the EU-funded project WIOD aims at constructing a series of annual inter-country input-output tables (in current and constant prices) for 40 countries in the world (see http://www.