WIPDWorld Intellectual Property Day (World Intellectual Property Organization)
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The IPO-Pakistan chairman apprised the media that WIPD is celebrated each year with an aim to inform public about the role and importance of the intellectual property rights in encouraging innovation and creativity worldwide.
We therefore want to create an environment whereby the WIPD is taken as seriously as other days that are celebrated all over the globe, said Dukwana.
WIPD is held on April 26 every year to celebrate innovation and highlight patent and copyright issues.
So, as we mark the 10th WIPD, let's celebrate the advances in intellectual property and at the same time seek to protect it so that progress can continue to aid and not hinder businesses in a modern digital age.
Amman, May 5 (Petra)- The Arab Society for Intellectual Property (ASIP), in cooperation with the Licensing Experts Association of Arab States, organized on Sunday a workshop entitled "Famous Trademarks", in conjunction with world celebrations of World Intellectual Property Day(WIPD).
ISLAMABAD -- Intellectual Property Organization (IPO) - Pakistan will hold an awareness walk on April 20, and a seminar on April 24, as part of World Intellectual Property Day (WIPD) celebrations.