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WIPIWireless Internet Platform for Interoperability
WIPIWord Intelligibility by Picture Identification (audiology test)
WIPIWorking in the Public Interest (law conference)
WIPIWomen in Photography Interntional
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The WIPI platform is said to provide a standardised environment for implementing applications downloaded via the wireless Internet on mobile terminals.
Moreover, the lifting of mandatory WIPI regulations will complicate the market changes further.
The new OpenKODE Core API is a small and light abstraction layer that will be familiar to POSIX and C programmers for accessing operating system resources while minimizing source changes when porting applications between Linux, Rex/Brew, Symbian, Windows Mobile, WIPI and RTOS-based platforms.
0 brings together the OpenGL([R]) ES and OpenVG[TM] Khronos media APIs to provide state-of-the-art acceleration for vector 2D and 3D graphics and provides the new OpenKODE Core API that abstracts operating system resources to minimize source changes when porting games and applications between Linux, Brew, Symbian, Windows Mobile, WIPI and RTOS-based platforms.
Initially, these games will be developed in JAVA and adapted on all available 3D platforms: Symbian, BREW, WIPI and Windows Mobile.
Using the VibeTonz SDK, which is compatible with KTF's WIPI platform, developers can add a wide range of tactile effects to make content more fun, engaging, and interactive.
The SDK supports a VibeTonz development solution for WIPI developers using GIGA, SK Telecom's 3D mobile game platform, as well as solutions for other platforms.
The mobile devices are optimized for advanced 3D mobile games, and the WIPI platform offers great opportunities for delivering rich, top quality game content for the phones.
KS)(NYSE:SKM) has licensed the application developer and WIPI run-time components of Immersion's VibeTonz(TM) System.
The new game optimized mobile phones and WIPI platform offer great opportunities for new, unforeseen quality and innovation for wireless 3D content.
Thus, the games are audio-visually very rich and are easily ported to multiple devices and platforms, such as Symbian, Windows Mobile, BREW and WIPI.