WIPTWorking Integrated Product Team
WIPTWireless IP Telephony (Cisco)
WIPTWorking Integrated Process Team
WIPTWorking-level Integrated Product Team
WIPTWorking Integrated Project Team
WIPTWorking-group Integrated Product Team
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This percent value is typically agreed upon by the decision maker based on inputs from the T&E WIPT.
All organizations that have an impact and/or influence on the program's T&E planning, execution, and assessment need to be engaged in the T&E WIPT as early as possible.
While there is no one-size-fits-all WIPT approach, there are three basic tenets from the "Rules of the Road" to which any IPT approach should adhere:
Coordination of WIPT activities with the OIPT members.
The next two months were spent working with the program WIPTs to develop a common understanding of the program.
The initial WIPT meeting, facilitated by DAU-S in September 2003, approved the prototype concept of a learning organization and pledged support.