WIPTWorking Integrated Product Team
WIPTWireless IP Telephony (Cisco)
WIPTWorking Integrated Process Team
WIPTWorking-level Integrated Product Team
WIPTWorking Integrated Project Team
WIPTWorking-group Integrated Product Team
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This percent value is typically agreed upon by the decision maker based on inputs from the T&E WIPT. The quantity expresses the decision makers' risk tolerance for making a wrong decision based on limited test data (Freeman, Glaeser, & Rucker, 2011).
All organizations that have an impact and/or influence on the program's T&E planning, execution, and assessment need to be engaged in the T&E WIPT as early as possible.
The Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center San Diego (SSC San Diego) is the Navy representative for NETWARS-related efforts, which include A&S WIPT contributions, model development and assessments.
* Coordination of WIPT activities with the OIPT members.
Finally, the WIPT members began the "Rules of the Road" process of preparing IPT charters to identify the background, purpose, goals, membership, and governance of the IPT.
This help will come largely through participation in working-level integrated product teams (WIPTs).
Conference attendees were divided into five WIPTs: cost, systems engineering, logistics, test and evaluation, and acquisition.
In addition, there are several important roles and responsibilities that apply to all WIPTs:
This was addressed by OUSD(P&R)'s forming a WIPT to work with DeCA on program requirements, and DeCA's providing a new and more detailed briefing to describe the program.
This included supporting integrating integrated product team (IIPT), working-level integrated product teams (WIPTs), and the Networks and Information Integration Overarching Integrated Product Team (OIPT) meetings, reviews, and other briefings to review the CARTS program.
The next two months were spent working with the program WIPTs to develop a common understanding of the program.
Designated representative members of the following formed a working integrated product team (WIPT): the Army Acquisition Support Center; Ground Based Midcourse Defense; Program Executive Office Tactical Missiles; Program Executive Office Aviation; U.S.