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Q: Did Wired chronicle digital culture or did it effectively create it?
Comparing 20 to 30 pounds of copper in a properly wired house to one or two pounds of station wire (also referred to as quad wire) in a typical house with only basic telephone service, results in an additional 20 pounds per house or more.
Even then, says Forrester Research analyst Mark Zohar, 3G wireless technologies are unlikely to replace wired business networks.
"There are a lot of magazines about technology," declares Louis Rossetto, in an editorial that seems to cross a Pepsi commercial and the Discovery channel, "Wired is not one of them.
Some of those properties have actually been wired and now have multiple options for high-speed service available.
Old houses that were wired "after the fact" can get on your nerves when a receptacle can't accept a polarized plug or just plain doesn't work.
It's hard to believe, but many of the light fixtures now sold at home centers and lighting showrooms can't be safely installed in most houses wired before 1985.
Wired Environments announced today that the firm now offers the nation's most affordable, convenient and reliable dial-up access-a cost-effective alternative to "always-on" Internet service.
Unless you have two different phone numbers or an especially wired feature-phone network, the black and yellow wires are unused-- just languishing inside the station wire that's tacked with special little U-shaped staples around your baseboards and over the door frames to all your phone locations past and present--and perhaps out to a barn phone--thanks to MaBell's foresight.