WIRSWorld Institute of Retired Scientists
WIRSWorkplace Industrial Relations Survey (UK)
WIRSWater Industry Registration Scheme (UK)
WIRSWelsh Institute of Rural Studies (University of Wales; Aberystwyth, Wales, UK)
WIRSWatershed Information Resource System
WIRSWage Information Retrieval System
WIRSWater Immersion Restrained Stress
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"I have full confidence retribution will be made," Wirs said.
WIRS induced linear and circular ulcers in the glandular portion of stomach with coagulated blood at the bases, with a lesion index of 21.1 [+ or -] 2.1 mm.
Although WIRS is a nationally representative sample of establishments, not firms, it contains data on the number of employees in the firm, as well as the establishment, so that we are able to distinguish small-firm establishments and large-firm establishments.
The second source of R&D information is a follow-up survey, EMSPS (the Employer Manpower and Skills Practices Survey), which re-sampled 96% of the WIRS plants in 1991.
Turning to Table 3 we present similar results for WIRS in 1984 and 1990.
On July 28 Wirs was extradited to York, Pa., after spending more than six months in a jail cell on New York City's Rikers Island.
The data we use are from the third (1990) Workplace Industrial Relations Survey (WIRS), which is the largest and most detailed interview-based survey of industrial relations issues available in the United Kingdom.
The WIRS evidence is that the coverage of closed shops declined from over five million union members in 1980 to under half a million in 1990 (Millward et al, 1992).
16 There is also a question in WIRS that asks managers about the number of competitors that they face.
WIRS obviously cannot provide all the information to investigate industrial relations.
In a plea bargain with the York County district attorney, Wirs was sentenced to 21 days in prison -- the time he had served since being jailed March 7 -- and 23 months of probation.