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WISARDWeb Interface for Searching Archival Research Data (US NASA Data Archive and Distribution Service)
WISARDWeb based Information Services for Agricultural Research for Development
WISARDWilkie, Stoneham and Aleksander Recognition Device (network)
WISARDWeather Identification System-Azimuth and Ranging Detection
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The normal course of action when border adjustments are required is for the project to be worked through at the local level first, between Wisard and his French counterparts with whom he says he has easy, entirely cooperative relations.
Meanwhile, Wisard says, the 'bornes' had long since been adjusted.
Of these, Wisard says: "the only vandalism I've yet come across is centuries-old, perpetrated by anti-monarchists on 'bornes' bearing the fleur de lys that were already in place at the time of the French Revolution."
Since 1968, some CHF 400,000 have been spent on 'borne'-related matters, including maintenance, says Wisard. This includes brushing markers down (they are attractive to mosses and such) and refreshing engraved markings, the clear, clean lines of which wear down with time.
After all, as I learn from Wisard himself, frontier lines are all computer-mapped now, and a global positioning system (GPS) can locate them.