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WISCWolf in Sheep's Clothing (UK clothing line)
WISCWindows Internet Soap Connector
WISCWeschler Intelligence Scale for Children
WISCWritable Instruction Set Computer
WISCWilliamsburg Indoor Soccer Complex (Williamsburg, VA)
WISCWest Indian Standing Conference (UK)
WISCWomen in the School of Computing
WISCWang Information Services Corporation
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Since its inception, the role of the WiSC has been to advise the IOC Session, the IOC Executive Board and the IOC president on developmental programs, and provide guidance on the implementation of the IOC women and sport policy, as well as create and promote equal opportunities for girls and women to participate in and benefit from sports and physical activity around the world.
For the linear regression model, covariates were selected if they were potential risk factors associated with both prenatal urinary concentrations and WISC scores at p [less than or equal to] 0.15 (i.e., total HOME score, breastfeeding duration, and child school), or if they were risk factors highly associated with WISC scores (p [less than or equal to] 0.005; i.e., maternal verbal IQ and education level, and the psychologist).
Educators CU, headquartered in Mount Pleasant, Wisc., has $1.6 billion in assets and 133,000 members.
In Pakistan clinicians, researchers, and educationists cannot benefit effectively from WISC due to language, cultural, and ethnic differences.
A normatizacao brasileira do WISC somente veio a ocorrer em 2001, quando a versao WISC-III foi adaptada e validada para uma amostra do Rio Grande do Sul por Figueiredo (2001).
O uso da escala WISC III e importante no acompanhamento de criancas com historia de dificuldades de aprendizagem, uma vez que permite mensurar o desempenho intelectual global e separadamente dos dominios verbal e percepto-motor, bem como investigar especificamente as diferentes habilidades cognitivas expressas em cada subteste, delimitando as areas cognitivas "fracas" e "fortes" da crianca.
* Alexandria, La.: 14 jobs cut; 214 total employees (story link) * Appleton, nine other Wisc. papers: 92 of ???
The Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC; Wechsler, 1974, 1976) is a frequently used instrument for the evaluation of intelligence.
GENESEE DEPOT, WISC.: Theatre folk of a certain generation cherish their memories of visiting Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontanne at their country estate not far from Milwaukee called Ten Chimneys.
Institution: Nicolet National Bank, Green Bay, Wisc.