WISC-IIIWechsler Intelligence Scales for Children, 3rd Edition
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As for the usual battery of IQ and achievement testing, according to the results in this study, WISC-III IQ scores would not have been helpful but WJ-III achievement scores could have aided.
At time 2, one year later, the same procedures were used, except the WISC-III was not administered a second time.
Standardized scores on paper and pencil Cancellation tasks and Trails B were not significantly associated with asthma symptoms (r's = -.04 to -.16, all p's > .05), nor was performance on the WISC-III auditory attention index (r = -.15, p > .05).
These findings appear to contradict claims made by the NNAT, as the WISC-R and the WISC-III are traditional forms of assessment that have been criticized for their failure to identify ethnically diverse students as gifted (Chambers et al., 1980; Hadaway & Marek-Shroer, 1992; Mills & Tissot, 1995; Stephens et al., 1999).
At the court's invitation, the publishers and copyright owners of the Woodcock-Johnson and of the WISC-III intervened as additional plaintiffs.
Listen to an audiotape in Spanish that provides the quiz instructions and detailed information on the administration of the WISC-III Spanish pilot exam.
We are of the opinion that WISC-III scores provide a useful starting point in the diagnosis of learning difficulties.
In the full-scale IQ section of WISC-III, the mean score for children in the active treatment group was 100.6, compared with 100.3 in the placebo group.
On the WISC-III, these students usually obtain higher scores on the block design, object assembly, picture arrangement, mazes, similarities, and comprehension subtests, but lower scores on the vocabulary, information, arithmetic, picture completion, coding, and digit span subtests (Dixon cited in Ferri et al., 1997).
IQ scores were derived from a short-form test of the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children, Third Revision (WISC-III).