WISDMWisconsin Inventory of Smoking Dependence Motives
WISDMWeb Information System Development Methodology
WISDMWeapons Information System Data Management
WISDMWorld-Class Information Strategy for Data-Driven Marketing
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Undergraduates involved in the WISDM Lab earn on average $12 per hour, and have collectively earned more than $150,000.
An increased interest in graduate study Over the past two years, five undergraduates from the WISDM Lab have entered our accelerated five-year BS/MS degree program, and another has pursued graduate studies in computer science at another university.
There are several reasons for the success of the WISDM Lab, and the lessons that can be learned from its success certainly are applicable to other institutions and to other disciplines.
The work done in the WISDM Lab, however, is very different.
One of the reasons that students join the WISDM Lab is that they know that the skills they acquire there will aid them in their future careers.
Prior to the establishment of the WISDM Lab my research group included no more than three students at a time.