WISHEWind-Induced Surface Heat Exchange (meteorology)
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For example, a too-weak storm could be sheared off quickly during initial development, such that the WISHE feedback might not have enough time to become effective, or that dry-air intrusion could severely interfere with the storm's development with the result that the necessary equilibrium mechanisms could never be applied.
This is the experience that Bernard, like Southwell, wishes for his readers: an experience of God's love setting their own souls aflame.
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The sender instructed the postman to look for the man with the green hair and wishe Stuart all the best with his latest fundraising stunt.
But in the rest I coulde wishe they should declare the solemnitie that the Spanyshe nation muche observeth, for outwarde matters manye times are a token of the inwarde." (41)Black became a synonym for elegance and was accepted as such during the 16th century partly because, as Castiglione revealed, it was identified with the style of the dominant nation of the period, Spain.
Ted's story is a real reminder of why it's so important for us all to sign up to the national organ donor register and talk to family about their wishe s.
"The fact that we lost pales int insignificance compared to the horrific accident to Chester's Aled Evans (who suffered a fractured skull after falling 25ft through barn roof forcing him to miss the final) and we send our best wishe for a full recovery."
In Pyndara's 'aunswere of a woman to hir Louer, supposing his complaint to be but fayned', Turbervile makes much play with men's crocodile tears and the 'bayted hooke' of men's false words, and warns other women: 'Yf she that reades this rime, | be wise as I coulde wishe' (p.
In Stefano Guazzo's The Civile Conversation, for instance, the perfect courtier Anniball Magnocavalli describes the speech of the exemplary court lady as follows: "her talke and discourses are so delightfull, that you wyll only then beginne to bee sory, when shee endeth to speake: and wishe that shee woulde bee no more weary to speake, then you are to heare.
The Recorder laments that despite his long acquaintance with the Wroth family, he has been unable to bring this bizarre character back into the commonwealth fold: "I have alwaies Loved his father and hym well and therfore I doe wishe the thinge that be a mys were amended." [33] There is no doubt an element of dissimulation in a family friend of Cheke, Ascham, Jewel, and Cecil projecting himself in the persona of a farmer born and bred in the shire.