WISHHWorld Initiative for Soy in Human Health
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The alliance between WISHH and USAID is unique because instead of cutting a check and hoping the situation will improve, we will work directly with these countries and businesses to develop a sustainable program from the ground up," said Tony Arnold, chief executive officer of The Solae Company.
In Southern Africa, many communities are looking for ways to improve their diets and increase protein consumption in the population while at the same time being cost-efficient and relatively simple to produce," said Jim Hershey, director of WISHH.
The WISHH Alliance is designed to provide a variety of services to increase the capacity of African businesses by incorporate soy ingredients into their products.
A basic, yet comprehensive, half-day ethics training course for WISHH employees and
A half-day ethics training course, tailored to WISHH s procedures and rules, for WISHH
Two weeks prior to implementation, WISHH will request a copy of all modules to review.