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WISLWorld Indoor Soccer League
WISLWageningen Software Labs
WISLWestern India Shipyard, Ltd. (Goa, India)
WISLWisconsin Initiative for Science Literacy
WISLWestern Isles, Skye and Lochalsh (est. 2001; UK)
WISLWireless Information Systems Lab (University of California, San Diego)
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Additionally, WISL has at its disposal large fleets of rail-owned intermodal containers and trailers and steamship-owned devices.
The Com21 demonstration is the first high-speed broadband application of WISL service using the cable infrastructure.
Unlike current PBX extender-card technology, WISL service is a cost-saving alternative that will eliminate expenses for leased lines, modems, and equipment.
Already, WISL has repaired more than 14 Oil Rigs since its inception the leading order being that of JUR Aban -III of the Aban Group of Companies, of Rs.
TOP will widen its marketing and technical support for rig repairs, to WISL.