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WISNWorkload Indicators of Staffing Need (human resources)
WISNWorldwide Indigenous Science Network
WISNWireless Integrated Services Network
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To determine the necessary time, according to the WISN method, viewpoints of experts in district health center as cadre group were used (22).
For identifying different activities for patient-care services and average time required for each component of services, one of the rural hospitals had to be identified as standard institution as per WISN manual.
The most plausible hypothesis explaining WISN is that initiation of warfarin treatment causes a transient imbalance of pro- and anti-coagulant factors that favors thrombosis.
According to WISN, a local ABC affiliate, a number of people called the fire department to give thanks, and others brought little gifts.
report on one of the largest case series of WISN - 6 cases that occurred in 973 patients receiving warfarin therapy for venous thrombosis at G F Jooste Hospital, Cape Town.
Unfortunately, staffers, like their neighbors, learned of the merger not from the Journal or the Sentinel but from WISN radio.
We retrospectively reviewed 6 cases of WISN seen at G F Jooste Hospital (Cape Town, South Africa) from April 2005 through July 2008.
The shots sailed over the intruder's head into the wall as he dropped to the ground," she indicated to WISN Channel 12 News.
com/article/slender-man-stabbing-suspect-says-she-d-hurt-people-again-if-slender-man-asked/6327281) WISN , an ABC News affiliate in Milwaukee.
WISN is fortunately associated with low morbidity and is never fatal.
Nick BohrAaAaAeAc, who works for ABC-affiliate WISN 12 News (https://twitter.
com/article/3-shot-at-great-lakes-dragaway-in-kenosha-county/12005767) WISN Channel 12 reported.