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WITAWashington International Trade Association
WITAWaktu Indonesia Tengah (Central Indonesian Time zone)
WITAWashington Independent Telephone Association (Olympia, Washington)
WITAWomen's International Tennis Association
WITAWestern Iowa Telephone Association (Lawton, IA)
WITAWittmann Institute of Technology and Analysis
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Among the rice varieties evaluated WITA 4 had lower injury score than NERICA in 2007 and also SIPPI in 2008.
However, among the rice varieties evaluated, WITA 4 significantly had longest panicles followed by NERICA then SIPPI which had the shortest panicles.
Among the rice varieties evaluated WITA 4 gave significantly higher TDW and grain yield than NERICA and SIPPI in both the years (Table 4).
Among the rice varieties evaluated, WITA 4 and NERICA performed better by exhibiting better growth and higher grain yield than SIPPI which was the least and less adaptable.
WITA is proud to host Ambassador Lavin at this important event," added James Wilkinson, WITA Executive Director.
With over 1600 members, WITA hosts an ongoing series of events on a myriad of trade topics.
47] Zawicki P Witas HW HIV-1 protecting CCR5-D32 allele in medieval Poland.
Aired on the Syrian TV, Barakeh said in his confessions that he worked on behalf of his father as Imam of the Great Mosque of al-Qadam, and witas of the beginning of events in the area he delivered a speech to provoke people to go in protests before he joined a group called "al-Bar bin Malik" led by "Abu Hamza Zakaria".
Third, nonmonotonic techniques for reasoning about action are used in highly ambitious long-term projects (for example, the WITAS Project, www.