WITBWhere in the Bible
WITBWhat's in the Bag (golf)
WITBWestern Isles Tourist Board (UK)
WITBWorking in the Business
WITBWorst in the Business
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The evidence on existing cash transfers and income subsidy programs suggest that expanding the WITB would have particular benefits for children growing up in economically disadvantaged families.
A WITB payment becomes one targeted transfer payment among several.
Were the truth to be told, in the Canadian context, the WITB is following in the footsteps of an earlier Quebec initiative--a race upward, as it were
Hands up if, in the past 18-or-so months, you've spotted a curious fluorescent-coloured arrow displaying initials such as SFS, DS, FDN, WITB or G
The US Earned Income Tax Credit, the inspiration for the WITB, has been successful in improving labour-market participation of low-income individuals as well as reducing poverty, (23) and it is by far the most important US federal assistance scheme, albeit a costly one.
In some jurisdictions, METRs can reach 100% for families on social assistance, although the WITB partially offsets that as from an income of CAD 3000 per year.