WITCCWestern Iowa Tech Community College
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We created a "Power Users Team," composed of a cross section of WITCC staff, to take ownership of the system.
WITCC and Datatel have teamed time and time again to implement new software, adding on to Colleague as new demands are recognized.
Highlights include (1) respondents were 61% female, 49% were age 19-24, 80% were White, 87% were day students, 72% carried a full-time class load, 47% had been attending WITCC for 1 year or less, and 26% had a GPA of between 3.
The total population of the 6 counties served by WITCC is between 160,000 and 180,000.
This study also chronicled the transformation of WITCC to a Merged Area XII campus reaching the total populations of Woodbury, Plymouth, Cherokee, Ida, Monona, and Crawford counties in Iowa.