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WITCHWomen's International Terrorist Conspiracy from Hell (1970s U.S. radical feminist political action group)
WITCHWill, Irma, Taranee, Cornelia, and Hay Lin (book series; fictional characters)
WITCHWorld Induced Technical Change Hybrid Model (meteorology)
WITCHWisdom, Integrity, Truth, Courage, Honor
WITCHWoman In Total Control of Herself
WITCHWeak Interaction Trap for Charged Particles (physics experiment)
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She was the Wicked Witch of the East, as I said," answered the little woman.
They are the people who live in this land of the East where the Wicked Witch ruled.
When they saw the Witch of the East was dead the Munchkins sent a swift messenger to me, and I came at once.
Why, I've danced with a worse one, when partners happened to be scarce, at our witch meetings in the forest
The old witch took three or four more whiffs of her pipe and smiled.
The maiden had to get hold of it secretly and then swallow it herself, for the old witch wanted to have it.
Then the old witch said, 'We have the bird-heart, but we must also get the wishing-cloak from him.
I referred," said the Witch, "to the head of her good man.
The soldier spent the whole day in doing it, and in the evening the witch proposed that he should stay one night more.
The witch fell into a passion, let him fall again into the well, and went away.
As a result of the enchantment Jellia took on the form and features of Mombi, while the old witch grew to resemble the girl so closely that it seemed impossible anyone could guess the deception.
This Jellia dared not tell, having been threatened with death by the witch if she confessed the fraud.