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WITCHWomen's International Terrorist Conspiracy from Hell (1970s U.S. radical feminist political action group)
WITCHWill, Irma, Taranee, Cornelia, and Hay Lin (book series; fictional characters)
WITCHWorld Induced Technical Change Hybrid Model (meteorology)
WITCHWisdom, Integrity, Truth, Courage, Honor
WITCHWoman In Total Control of Herself
WITCHWeak Interaction Trap for Charged Particles (physics experiment)
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The witch suspected no evil, and her mouth watered to taste the new dish, so that she went into the kitchen to prepare it herself.
Immediately the charm worked, and she became a donkey, and ran out to join the old witch, and the dish with the salad in it fell to the ground.
"I referred," said the Witch, "to the head of her good man."
Cotton Mather, a very learned and eminent clergyman, believed that the whole country was full of witches and wizards, who had given up their hopes of heaven, and signed a covenant with the evil one.
"Dear Grandfather," cried little Alice, clinging closer to his knee, "is it true that witches ever come in the night-time to frighten little children?"
'No,' said he, perceiving her evil intention, 'I will not give you the light until I am standing with both feet upon the ground.' The witch fell into a passion, let him fall again into the well, and went away.
On the way the dwarf showed him the treasures which the witch had collected and hidden there, and the soldier took as much gold as he could carry.
"If you do, it will cost you the throne of the Emerald City!" answered the witch, positively.
As a result of the enchantment Jellia took on the form and features of Mombi, while the old witch grew to resemble the girl so closely that it seemed impossible anyone could guess the deception.
What could the little woman possibly mean by calling her a sorceress, and saying she had killed the Wicked Witch of the East?
While thus muttering, the witch had filled a fresh pipe of tobacco, and held the stem between her fingers, as doubtful whether to thrust it into her own mouth or Feathertop's.
No man might sleep safe, for none knew but that on the morrow he would be touched by the wand of an Isanusi, as we name a finder of witches, and led away to his death.