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WITHITWomen in the Home Industries Today
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Post received the Legacy Award for her lifetime contributions to WithIt and the home and furnishings industry.
She was recently nominated by Women in the Home Industries Today with the WithIt 2007 WOW Legacy Award, and is a seven-time ARTS Awards nominee and five-time winner.
Philosophy of life: Get on withit, it's not a dress rehearsal Idea of happiness: Waking upand finding I really am Father Christmas - I'm in training to fill the suit.
Jones added: ``From the first bell he was throwing low blows, and getting away withit. He hit me with two or three of them in the first three minutes, so my trainer, Ray Farrell, said to throw them back as he was getting away with it.
For a funky gift, Clinton Cards are stocking the Withit Groovy Chick range.
The newspaper, in a front-page story, said Withit Khamphirarak kept telling his friends and relatives he wanted to die so he could be reborn in Japan and work as a game designer.
Second, withit teachers can handle more than one disturbance at a time and do so quickly.
When cooked, the meat was removed from the covering of baked clay, which kept withit all the feathers and most of the skin of the bird.
Let's look at an imaginary applicant (John Withit) to see how he uses the provisions of ADA to customize his workplace.
The form of action chosen depends on the situation and the teacher; in choosing and carrying out an action, a teacher shows he is withit.
We are stuck with it and the name of the game is how do we live withit."
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