WITSECWitness Security
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This year there were 52 entries in seven categories, with 18 finalists invited to demonstrate their games at WITSEC.
supra note 79 (recognizing incompatibility of WITSEC program to provide proper immigration status to alien witnesses).
To date the WITSEC program, in which participation is voluntary, has given over 5,200 witnesses new identities and new live.
For a witness to participate in WITSEC, he or she must first be sponsored by a US attorney of the district in which the prosecution will take place.
Another factor that makes managing the WITSEC a great challenge is the witnesses themselves.
Samaritan tried hard to get The Machine's attention by erasing all the crime from New York City for one day, going after the persons of interest before the "POI" team could save them and killing off people from the WITSEC lists.
The company, WitSec, is desperate for her to remember, even though it means enduring strange visions and sessions of forgetfulness.