WITUWojskowy Instytut Techniczny Uzbrojenia (Poland: Military Institute of Armamant Technology)
WITUWindward Islands Teachers Union (St. Maarten, Netherlands Antilles)
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He laments, however, that if any devil fails and "soofaestra paurh myrrelsan mod ne oocyrreo, haligra hyge, we pa heardestan ond pa wyrrestan witu gepoliao purh sarslege" [does not pervert the minds of the righteous through a hindrance, he will sorely suffer the worst and hardest punishments] (Juliana, 11.337-341).
Likewise the virtuous will see the torments of the wicked and find their glory enhanced (|and ba godan geseod ocac he(o)ra witu; fordam paet heom dince heora agnu ar pe mare').(12) Alfred gives a picturesque description of this situation by likening it to a king's court where there is a vast variety of honourable and dishonourable conditions.
Three main communities of watoro are described: Gosha in Somalia, Witu on the northern Kenya coast, and Gasi on the southern.
NEO-NATAL UNITThis she said is because of the additional of neo-natal unit at Faza and the maternal health shelter at Witu which have seen women easily access maternity health services.She added that Lamu County has also trained community health workers who reach out to the expectant women at the grassroots.
Also without IDs are villagers in terror-prone areas of Basuba, Milimani, Mangai, Mararani, Kiangwe, Bodhai, Pandanguo and Witu.
(9) Hudson (1967:70, 84) glosses 'head' for Barito-Mahakam and the West Barito isolects as follows: Tunjung, Dohoi, Murung, Siang kuhung, Kapuas, Katingan takuluk, Ba'amang tokolo' and for East Barito isolects: Dusun Witu, Ma'anyan, Samihim ulu', Paku olu'.
Emery writes in late 1945 that extensive prewar trade networks existed between the Kove, Bakovi and Witu Islands, the latter exchanging pigs and dogs with the Kove and Bakovi for 'rope tambu, tortoiseshell, Kuruki nuts [TP: kuruke, 'pandanus] and money.' Emery observes that, Due to cessation of trade due to war, supplies from these sources are very short.
witu, both forms evincing the original prevocalic *-iV- vs.
Another road crash was also reported in Nyongoro, Witu Division on Wednesday morning where a shuttle full of passengers heading to Mombasa from Lamu and veered off the road as its driver attempted to overtake a miraa van heading to Lamu.The occupants of the two vehicles escaped unhurt.