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WITYWhat's Important to You
WITYWhat's It To Ya?
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A wither was defined as the longest vertical distance between wither (WitY) and the most bottom part of the front hoof ([Hfy.sub.min]) on the boundary layer.
Wity Machinery is ISO 9001:2000 certified and manufactures equipment for diecutting, creasing, hot stamping, paper cutting, sheet cutting, UV coating, laminating, embossing, glueing, cup forming, envelope making, folding carton folder glueing, screen printing, paper and plastic bag making, film extruding, and gravure printing.
CASES dealt wity by Rugby magistrates on April 26 included:
Nussbaum is on the side of those who claim that the novel provides us with a valuable wity of seeing the world, as useful as factual documents, economic analyses or utilitarian blueprints.
Or perhaps you think you'll be an early riser, steering your cabin cruiser out to deep waters where you'll do battle with a wity marlin.
I sing it wity my sonss at the kitchen table dirty dishes still waiting to be dropped your sons.
This article was welcome proof that "where there's a will there's a wity." No doubt many other sophisticated companies are looking at their markets with similar understanding: if so, I wish they would tell us more about it.
For example, the "core" medical plan might provide a $1,000 deductible wity a 70/30 coinsurance to $5,000 (a maximum out-of-pocket expense to an employee of $2,500).
But wity seven minutes to go, Taylor's bullet header from a Heaver delivery clinched the points.