WIVBWashington International Business Venture
WIVBWest Island Volunteer Bureau (Canada)
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WIVB "Dyster says he is aware of homeowners' frustrations.
According to a reporter of WIVB television who contacted Bowmansville Volunteer Fire Association, one of the fire departments operating at the scene of the incident, 11 people were taken to hospitals due to injuries.
In the midst of the long months where Dyster sought to hide the report, WIVB spoke with local resident Vince Mameli who said "With all the money that they use from casino (funds) they should have replaced the water lines when they rebuilt the street but they took the cheap way out."
Police took 37-year-old JeShawn Elliot, a resident of Youngstown, Ohio, into custody on Wednesday evening, according to (http://wivb.com/2017/08/09/youngstown-police-murder-suspect-drives-to-niagara-falls-with-body-in-trunk/) CBS affiliate WIVB .
Cheryl Dutton told WIVB last week that her family leaves their basement faucet running all winter long.
"As soon as it was entered, it came up with a positive hit that the vehicle just passed me less than three minutes earlier," Virginia State Trooper Pamela Neff (http://wivb.com/2015/08/27/license-plate-readers-found-virginia-suspect/) told local news outlet WIVB. "I let my dispatch know that the vehicle had passed me and I attempted to catch up with the vehicle, which was traveling eastbound on 66."
"They're throughout the whole island," Mike Charnock, the owner of the Shores, told WIVB. "They're multiplying horrendously; there's just too many cats [is] what it boils down to."
In what appears to be in response to our story "Big Brother In Your Garbage Cans?," WIVB TV news aired a story the Mayor may have hoped would quell concerns.
A grievance was filed, the matter went to court and literally dozens of newspaper and television stories about the issue appeared in the Lockport Union-Sun & Journal, WIVB, the Buffalo News and other media outlets.
So it took me ten seconds and I called 911, and then other people ran from the top and they saw the guy floating towards it so a lot of people saw it," (http://www.wivb.com/dpp/news/local/man-recovers-after-niagara-falls-plunge) witness Constantine Shatallof told WIVB.com
Meantime, last week, WIVB (Channel 4) covered the Zoning Board meeting where Bridgewater tried to get zoning variances extended.
To us, to do it off of peak helps us," said Dyster to WIVB News.'