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"I don't know how your wives agree, gentlemen, when they are well.
"I shall pay you for the price of the wife, of the two wives. There is Bubu.
The governor, who found that the having women among them would presently be attended with some inconvenience, and might occasion some strife, and perhaps blood, asked the three men what they intended to do with these women, and how they intended to use them, whether as servants or as wives? One of the Englishmen answered, very boldly and readily, that they would use them as both; to which the governor said: "I am not going to restrain you from it--you are your own masters as to that; but this I think is but just, for avoiding disorders and quarrels among you, and I desire it of you for that reason only, viz.
And the loaded dog-teams go, And the wives can hear their men come back.
"So, Mopo," said the soldier; "but to get other wives and have more children born to you, you must live yourself, for no children are born to the dead, and I think that Chaka has an assegai which you shall kiss."
And Hector shouted to the Trojans, "Trojans and allies, be men, my friends, and fight with might and main, while I go to Ilius and tell the old men of our council and our wives to pray to the gods and vow hecatombs in their honour."
We didn't know; we wanted to hear; and the Captains' wives were as anxious as we.
Even the Jews in the interior have a plurality of wives.
Then, as we were saying before, there is nothing unnatural in assigning music and gymnastic to the wives of the guardians-- to that point we come round again.
"Nature having herself ordained that every Man should wed two wives --" "Why two?" asked I.
Each village forms a petty sovereignty, governed by its own chief, who, however, possesses but little authority, unless he be a man of wealth and substance; that is to say, possessed of canoe, slaves, and wives. The greater the number of these, the greater is the chief.
"It is the wives, and sisters, and mothers, and they only, who will drive the nails into the coffin of John Barleycorn "