WIWAWilson's Warbler (bird species Wilsonia pusilla)
WIWAWhidbey Island Writers Association (Freeland, WA)
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Wiwa: Shell has acknowledged that they bought and supplied arms to the military, the same arms which the military used to devastate Ogoni villages and kill 2,000 people, just to stop our legitimate protests for our rights - for our environmental rights, for the right to our land and for the right to our rivers.
Saro Wiwa had been a writer on one of the most popular TV shows in Nigeria which satirized the country's growing get-rich-quick mentality.
In a letter from October 1994, Saro Wiwa reflected the struggles to secure basic rights.
Published to coincide with the fifth anniversary of the death of his father, Ken Saro-Wiwa, the book is Ken Wiwa's account of life with a political hero as a father.
In the previous two weeks, Wiwa said, the Nigerian junta had killed at least two dozen activists in its reign of terror on behalf of multinational oil interests there.
Not surprisingly, the lawsuit filed in the USA against Shell was spearheaded by Wiwa's brother, Dr Owens Wiwa; by Wiwa's son Saro-Wiwa Jnr; and other victims through the vehicle of the Alien Tort Claims Act (ATCA), which allows foreign citizens who are victims of human rights violations to file cases in US courts for torts committed in foreign lands.
The Presidential election of 1993 divided the people into two rival groups, but Wiwa favoured a total boycott.
"For centuries," says Wiwa, "our environment was the source of our livelihood.
Because: This was the last novel written by Nigerian activist Ken Saro Wiwa. It was published after he was executed by the Sani Abacha regime (the corrupt military government ruling Nigeria at the time).
They said the protest marks the 11th anniversary of the execution of Ken Saro Wiwa and his eight Ogoni colleagues who had been campaigning against Shell in Nigeria.
Matthew Sweet and Zina Saro- Wiwa talk to Have I Got News For You star Paul Merton (above) and others invading Edinburgh for the festival.
The case of Wiwa v Shell, while it may have financially benefited the complainants, regrettably allowed the multinationals to avoid acknowledging their wrongdoing by offering an out-of-court settlement, rather than allowing legal precedents to be set in case law.